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Responsive Agile Coaching

We've invested a lot of time and effort to create the perfect Agile Coaching methodology, and I'm sure you will agree.  Grab a copy of our latest book and learn more about how to become a Responsive Agile Coach.  You won't want to put it down!

- Niall McShane

What Our Readers Say About Us...

Fiona Tibballs

Fiona Tibballs
- Leader and agile coach

"I read this great book in a single sitting. Cover to cover the book is filled with effective techniques for coaching teams and individuals. A must-read for beginner and experienced coaches alike."


Mel Bagnato
- Founder & Enterprise Architect

"I specifically like the use of both psychology and logic when determining how to respond to clients. The people aspect is sometimes missing when most required during coaching moments."


Sam Zawadi
- Agile Professional and co-founder of Agnostic Agile

“Niall has managed to capture an interesting angle on Agile Coaching that is not only useful and practical but also agnostic of any single method. Niall offers his own unique perspective based on his experience of what works better and helps you avoid what does not - and explains why. Highly recommended for people new to the subject matter and also for those who are more experienced as an augmentation to their existing arsenal of knowledge and tools”


Anju Gahlawat
- Agile Certified Coach

"I really liked and enjoyed your storytelling with real-life sunny day and rainy scenarios to show the contrast in the situation. The sketches are really amazing and enforces the thinking. Eg for open and hold conversation a circle around the coach and coachee really emphasize that we need to be in that moment of conversation and not let us wander our mind here and there. Being present in the moment and holding it.

"Try this experiment" is something I was eagerly looking at the end of each concept to make me realise that it is not just me reading but I need to go and try as well to grasp the concept very well and make it real."

We Share Our Insights and Advice

Jun 15 2020

3 responses to every agile question

Anyone can deliver agile coaching; you don’t have to be an agile coach. Agile coaching is simply helping others adopt agile practices and associated mindsets.
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Jun 11 2020

Are you an Agile Expert?

Are you an agile expert; if yes then this article aims to give you a gift; the gift of responsiveness.
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Jun 9 2020

Do we still need the Agile coach?

In times of recession (now) the focus seems to turn to value, getting things to done and delivering on what you promise. There’s a natural tension between getting things done and how we get things done.
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“Responsive agile coaching if delivered well requires the coach to grow, learn and become a better human being: a more self aware, kind, open and helpful person.”

- Niall McShane

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